Saturday, April 8, 2017

Friday 7thApril 2017


Our first day of sight-seeing was a partial success. I had wanted to check out the the Alligators Nest swimming hole close to where we are staying, but the road was flooded at the second creek. The fast flowing water put us off trying to cross it, though there were no road closed signs up.

Heading up in the Tully Gorge National Park the mist on the hills turned into rain, but I had my trusty “brollie-wallah” keeping me dry as I snapped the fast flowing Tully river. We watched the white water rafters come over the Cardstone Weir; that was amusing. I'm glad I was photographing them & not in the boats!

We walked Bruce along Hull Head Beach in the late afternoon; managing this without getting rained on!

As we passed this sign the rain came down

Looking down the Tully River

Up stream

Cardstone Weir


Getting ready...

A good dumping!
The coming weather...


My job was to hold the umbrella over Varena to keep the camera dry while she took photos. I managed to see some of the scenery too.

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