Thursday, April 20, 2017

Monday 17th April 2017


We left Atherton with sunny skies, had a short drive ½ way around Lake Tinaroo, then had to double back as the rest of the road was closed.

The rain started as we arrived at Malanda & the waterfalls there. It continued all the way to Millaa Millaa & the 3 waterfalls there too. We had a quick look at the Millaa Millaa, Zillie & Ellinjaa Falls, not wanting to get too wet, and were quite surprised to see people swimming at several of them despite the temperature being about 19C!

We got back to Tully after 3pm; it was a sunny afternoon there!

Lake Tinaroo near Atherton
Malanda Falls - where kids were swimming, Brrr.
We were surprised by the swimming area & that the road went obviously across the top of the falls

The very popular Millaa Milla Falls

The hard to see Zillie Falls

My favourite falls of the day were these -
Ellinjaa Falls

South Johnstone River Lookout

Lake Tinaroo was a surprise. It was established to irrigate tobacco crops in the district. The road around it being closed was annoying, as there was no indication about road closures until you got half way around the lake. Once again, poor communication.

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