Monday, April 24, 2017

Saturday 22nd April 2017


Groundhog Day” again with the weather, so we stayed put!

I did more research today, this time for the local area: National Parks, towns, possible orchid places, beaches etc. It was another full day of looking things up, finding which orchids grow in the different parks, when they are likely to be flowering, & whether they are Epiphyte, Lithophyte or Terrestrial.

There are heaps of places to go. We will be busy if we want to be; weather dependent of course.
We took Bruce for a walk along the road. He barked at every dog in the other properties, & all the cars that went by! We all got wet on the way back....Hmmm.

A few of the various fungi I have seen around the area


I think it rained about every 20 minutes today. Mostly a brief shower each time, but quite a hindrance to planning an excursion.

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