Thursday, April 20, 2017

Sunday 16th April 2017


I managed a short dash around the Port Douglas markets before we left the area for Atherton, on the Tablelands. Geoff, not being a markets fan, waited “patiently” in the car.
I did buy donuts so he was happy!

We stopped at Mareeba & had a look around the historic museum. Tobacco was the industry there for many years, though no longer. Coffee, sugar cane & mangoes have now taken over.

We tried to find Bald Knob for lunch, but failed, instead sitting amongst the water towers on Bowcock Road overlooking the surrounding countryside. 
Our AirBnB in Atherton was fine, though I found it strange that the owners were obviously home, but made no attempt to greet us. Instead they texted that the room was open & the keys on the table!

Interesting info at the Mareeba Historic Museum

How TINY is the UK!
SERIOUSLY, how can you NOT know this!!!

Archie meeting the locals

Why would I want to go to markets? For the food - maybe. Crappy, hippie souvenirs and clothes are not my thing.

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