Monday, April 24, 2017

Sunday 23rd April 2017


OMG, the rain has stopped! Well not till after 11am, but for the rest of the day we saw blue skies!

We made the most of the opportunity & headed for South Mission & Wongaling Beaches for a look around. Geoff spotted a Cassowary, which had just crossed the road with 2 chicks...excitement!

There were good views of Dunk Island from both South Mission Beach & Wongaling. I hope we can do a day trip over there whilst we are here.
Bumpbucal Creek & the sugar cane railway track at the end of the property

Tully Heads Beach

Geoff & Bruce

Our very first Cassowary sighting- with chicks in tow too!

Oops! Grounded in the Hull River

Wongaling Beach looking to Dunk Island
There are lots of moths & butterflies in the garden.
Some a easier to capture than others

Female Cairns Birdwing Butterfly


Parrot's Beak Heliconia

Large Pouched Orchid-
Robiquetia gracilistipes


Lots of brownie points for me! I spotted a cassowary. Varena was so excited!

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