Sunday, April 30, 2017

Sunday 30th April 2017


I had a solo walk today, firstly in the Djiru National Park, about 30km from the house on the Tully Mission Beach Road. I saw plenty of Fan Palms, no Cassowaries.

Next stop was the boat ramp at the end of South Mission Beach. There is a very nice walk that goes all the way to Hull Heads, along the Kennedy Trail. The whole walk is about 8km, but I only went as far as Lugger Bay, passing the pretty Lovers Beach. The weather was perfect, so I took a photo or 2 of the views & beasties I saw along the track.

Fan Palms on the Licuala Walk

Boardwalk through the forest

A strangler fig, doing it's thing

A taste of paradise....across to Dunk Island

Looking back towards Wongaling Beach & further on is Mission Beach

Stripey bark

A couple of interesting looking caterpillars
this will turn into the lovely Cairns Bird-wing Butterfly

Peacock Jewel or the 4 O'clock Moth

Lugger Bay


After walking the dog through the back yard forest I kept things going with a few odd jobs around the place. Barbecue cleaning and firewood collection were amongst my tasks. The firewood is for the fire we intend to have one night soon in the back yard. The nights here lately have been cool, so we thought an evening out by a fire with a glass of port would be a good thing.

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