Thursday, April 20, 2017

Wednesday 12th April 2017


We took Bertie to Moresby (25km north of Tully & not Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea!), to get the AC looked at, as it has been leaking in the heavy Tully rain.

Back at the house we tidied our stuff away into the bedroom, before the return of Julie & Chris. They got back around 4pm. I made the Thai Noodle Salad for dinner with marinaded Asian Chicken; it was a hit!

Leaving Bertie at Cassowary Coast Caravans for a few days
The strangely named creek that runs through the property here

Clouds building over the Tully Hills


Not knowing much about leaky air conditioners, nor how much weight I can safely put on the roof of the van while I learn, all the while being pelted by intermittent tropical downpours, I decided that an expert had better take a look at the van. Hopefully it won't cost a bomb, but will be done well.

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