Saturday, May 13, 2017

Friday 12th May 2017


We drove to Cairns for the Caravan, Boat & Home Show. The drive should be around 90 minutes on a good run, but there were 5 lots of road works which held us up.

It was good to wander around the show; the vans don't seem to have changed too much since we bought Bertie, but we are always keen to see new ideas. Geoff bought a few things, but other than a sausage sandwich I just looked.

The Pier & dusk approaching at Clump Point

Clump Point Beach

What is the point of going to a show and not getting a Dagwood Dog? With sauce? I enjoyed it.

My list of things to check out at the caravan show had no ticks against anything when we left, so it is back to the internet research and ebay to get these few things sorted.

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