Friday, May 19, 2017

Friday 19th May 2017

It's still raining! The jungle out the back is awash (so Geoff tells me!).

I did some chores around the place, it helped keep me warm! The temperature is barely above 20C. With us finishing the second season of Outlander (great show) Geoff & I are getting through The Young Pope, which he has got on his hard drive. It's a bit weird, but is seeming to mimic what is going on the the USA right now!

Dunk Island in the fading light

Geoff making a new 3 legged friend on the beach last week

Moon rising

Moon risen

We have certainly had plenty of rain! Despite this the dog got a couple of walks, and I even went to town to buy a few groceries and check the PO Box.

Varena's analogy of the SBS TV show, The Young Pope, with current events surrounding US President Trump can't be right. Surely. The young Pope is about a man who was not supposed to get into a position of power, has a completely different mindset to everyone else, is outrageous in what he says and does (and doesn't care), blames everyone else for his mistakes and the loss of confidence in his organisation, whines like a toddler when he can't have his way... I should probably stop there.

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