Friday, May 5, 2017

Friday 5th May 2017


Guess what, it's raining again. (Isn't that the title of a song?!)

36mm fell overnight, according to the rain gauge in the garden here.

Geoff & I elected to mostly stay at the house, but had to go into town to collect some wine I had ordered. It was supposed to come to the house 2 days ago, but of course it didn't.

This photo was from a couple of days ago when the weather was sunny

Me up the Tully "Golden Gumboot"

Mist lifting from the hills

Golden field of rice

Coming down from the Tablelands yesterday....

With rain waking me through the night, and rain off and on all day, we were lucky to even go into town to the post office. Today was definitely not a day for sightseeing, so we are lucky we braved yesterday's fewer rain showers and did our touring then.

Good old customer service. Alive and well, but not here. The house owners had a plumber in while we were in Port Douglas last month, and it seems that the house hot water system needs replacing. Fair enough. We are happy to facilitate this. We only have to open a gate and keep the dog from licking him while he works.

But after making contact with the plumber almost three weeks ago I was told that it should be organised by Thursday, two weeks ago! So after not hearing a thing from the plumber for a fortnight beyond his own nominated date, I rang him, and guess what? He needed a break in the weather (last week was glorious!), and he'd lost my number (didn't write it down? Didn't look in the call log on his mobile phone? Couldn't call the landline?). But the funniest part of our phone conversation was when he said that he was planning on calling around to see me about the hot water service, but later had to ask me for the address!

I hope the house owners lose his payment details after the job is done.

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