Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Monday 1st May 2017


It was a wet start to May, so we stayed put.

I did manage a quick walk up the driveway, finding the orchid plant at the top of the road starting to bloom.

Then I spotted a huge stick insect sitting, not surprisingly, on a stick. The cameras came out, as the rain came down again.

One giant Stick Insect

Interesting leaf markings

Ephemeral Fungi - very fleeting.
It was open in the rain then shrivelled the next day

Reflecting in the creek

Unknown fruits
Bumpbucal Creek - on the property here in Tully

One dozy dawg!


The rain hung around most of the day, so we took it easy. There were still some shows to catch up on, so we squeezed them in between blobbing and vegging.

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