Friday, May 19, 2017

Monday 15th May 2017


I headed off to meet the Meals on Wheels boss in Mission Beach today. I will be helping them out whilst we are here, either cooking or helping the cook for the morning.

As it was a lovely day, I decided to have a walk on Mission Beach after the meeting. I went to the northernmost point of the beach. Had a sit & drank in the beautiful scenery. I could see 3 other people on the beach spoiling my view...LOL!

Geoff has been itching to have a fire, so as it was a clear night we had one! It was still 25C though!

Geoff pointed out fireflies in the trees & a few bats flying around.

Down on Mission Beach...I can't get enough of this scenery

A chair made from old paletts

Garden Ornaments on a property near Tully

Fire bug!


The house owners try to avoid sending anything at all to landfill, so they collect their unwanted burnables and, obviously, burn them. With this in mind we have been continuing the notion, and as we'd built up a decent stash, it was fire time. I tried to plan our fire for when we'd had some dry weather, the skies were clear, and we had no other plans.

So, making the most of the opportunity, I got the fire going around dusk. It was quite pleasant. I played with the fire, we searched for and spotted some satellites, and we were both pleased to see many fireflies (or whatever they really are) zooming around a nearby tree flashing their bits at us. I hope to do this again.

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