Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Monday 29th May 2017


We had a touring day today, heading south to see the Wallaman Falls, & the small coastal villages of Lucinda, Dungeness & Taylors Beach.

The falls were unsurprisingly high on the escapement up a narrow windy road, though the road was sealed this time. There was a huge amount of water flowing over, quite spectacular.

Lucinda's claim to fame is that it has the longest jetty in the southern hemisphere; 5.76km long! The bulk sugar carriers come in here to load through the harvesting season.

Oh yes, Geoff was very happy to finally taste one of “Mick's Pies” in Ingham. It was lunchtime when we passed through so we had to stop!

Panorama of the falls

Stony Creek Panorama

Lucinda Jetty Panorama

Old Sugar Wharf

Hinchinbrook Channel to Hinchinbrook Island


Not only did I get a pie for lunch, but a rather tasty steak and kidney pie. It would have been plain greedy to have had a second one, but I was rather tempted. A good steak and kidney pie is hard to find.

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