Sunday, May 21, 2017

Saturday 20th May 2017


Wandering around the garden here there is always something new to see. With the recent rains the fungi has come out in the jungle, and more flowers have bloomed, which has brought in a variety of butterflies & pretty bugs.

Bruce was in tow, following me around & charging through the creek “eating” the water with gusto!

Our canefield walk was full of beasties, though today we stuck to the road. Geoff spotted a snake just as it reared towards Bruce, but we think it was a warning strike, as he (Bruce) is fine.  It is possibly an Eastern Brown Snake; one NOT to mess with. Then there was the head of a mouse, or marsupial, which looked as though it was coming out of a hole in the road! No it was just the head!

Finally a semi squashed Cane Toad! My first Cane Toad since we arrived in Tully!

"Home grown" Cairns Birdwing Caterpillar

Daisy visitors

Bruce charging through the jungle

Native wasp?

Ulysses Butterfly wing

Cane field road "speed hump"

Not a great shot - I didn't have my Nikon with me!

More snakes! We'll have to keep a more wary eye out for the buggers. That's three in a week!

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