Sunday, May 7, 2017

Saturday 6th May 2017


I went to the Tully Orchid Society meeting today. I was hoping to pick brains about the local areas to find native orchids. But I had no luck, all the people there are “mega-ancient wrinkles” & their passion is for growing orchids, not bush walking to find them.

They did put on a lovely afternoon tea, & the guest speaker for the meeting was quite interesting.

Bruce got a 3km walk along Old Tully Road - we even managed to avoid the rain showers!

On our day trip last Thursday Geoff wanted a coffee , so we stopped at this groovy little hotel
at Innot Hot Springs

Some of the orchids on show today

My favourite of the ones on display

Weird but cool

Classic orchid colour & shape

While Varena was out I pottered around the place. One my tasks was to resurrect Varena's old laptop with a bung hard drive. It is fun, and I always learn things about computers, but I am lucky to have the spare time for this, as a busy person would be better off not bothering.

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