Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sunday 21st May 2017


We had a tour around Charley's Chocolate today.  t is about 15 minutes from the house.
They are a small family owned plantation on Mt Etna (between El Arish & Mission Beach), who decided to try & grow cocoa plants & have had great success. Their first chocolates that they made won gold, silver & bronze awards at the Melbourne Fine Foods Awards last year.

On the tour you learn about the history of cocoa, chocolate, the growing, & production processes which are very labour intensive. The 70% cocoa chocolate is lovely.

Cocoa Plantation

Ripe fruit - yellow, still growing - green, black - dead fruits 
(not enough energy in the tree to mature) & flowers

Close-up flower

Growing fruit

Whole fruit with cocoa seed inside

Dried seed & nib (chocolate centre)

Roasted seed & nibs (chocolate inside)

The finished product - yummy!

We have been to a few so-called chocolate factories over the years, but they all just used bulk-purchased chocolate buds as a starting point for making their chocolates. This place, Charley's, actually grow the cocoa plants, and demonstrated the process of chocolate making from planting to plate. It was quite interesting, and dare I say, educational.

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