Saturday, May 13, 2017

Thursday 11th May 2017


The hot water system was replaced today; the old tank was producing rather brown water!

We both had dentist appointments in Tully; not very exciting but no work needed.

I suggested we head to Wongaling Beach for dinner. We had drinks on the beach as the sun set; it was a little chilly at 21C. We checked the Darwin weather & it was 31C, quite a surprising difference we thought. The moon rise was stunning; bright orange & full.

The steaks at the Millers Beach Bar & Grill were excellent & the service very good!

PS: Geoff spotted another Cassowary on the edge of the bush as we were heading for Wongaling. But sadly 2 have been hit by cars in the past week. One fatally & the other disappeared into the bush & has yet to be located.

El Arish is a tiny village just up the highway from Djarawong.
We were told that the butcher there is a "Pasture to Plate" local mob so we have been trying them out

The old historic station is worth a look

Lovely old pub...another place to try!

This dragonfly was just asking to have it's
photo taken

This little orchid came out for one whole day after heavy rain

Despite saying he would let us know when he was coming, the plumber sent me a text at 7:15am to say it would be today. After his text woke me, I sent a reply of acknowledgement, so he rang me to explain his actions for the day! As if I needed more waking up! 

Anyhow, despite the early start I managed to oversee the plumber, delivery of the water tank, and then the electrical connections to get the whole thing operational. It was a surprisingly tiring day, even though I didn't actually do the work.

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