Thursday, May 25, 2017

Thursday 25th May 2017


Both Geoff & I went to Frogsafe today. Deborah needed some computer trouble-shooting. Geoff kindly offered to try, & help, with some success. We stayed about 3 hours.

I spotted another flowering orchid in the garden at the house whilst we were eating lunch. That's now 4 different flowering orchids since we have been here! Sadly, none as yet flowering naturally in the wild though.

The flowering orchid I spotted today

These Green Ants live around the gate on the drive way & I
saw them moving a piece of snake skin along the post!

They were still there several hours later;
it looked like they were eating it!


It was sort of fun playing with the Frog Hospital lady's computer, and sort of not. Problem number one was easily fixed. Problem number two, a networked office printer, was beyond me, and she could not find the manual nor the set-up disks for me to look through. The computer was quite old, was running Windows XP, and had a lot of paranoia-level software on it. Needless to say it was slow and clunky.

I booted a small Linux-based operating system on it from a USB drive just to see if it would work, and how it would go. It booted quickly and ran really well. So hopefully we can wean her off XP soon and get her on a fast and light, free OS that does all she needs on Noah's old computer.

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