Friday, May 5, 2017

Thursday 4th May 2017


We had a full day out today; me navigating, & Geoff driving, as usual.

I wanted to do the Kirrama Range Road, up to Blencoe Falls. It was a nice drive, though the misty rain spoilt some of the lookout views. Luckily we didn't meet anyone on the steep, narrow, windy dirt road to the top.

Blencoe Falls, along with Millstream Falls, which we saw later in the day, were both pretty spectacular. The first for it's height & the second for it's width.

We passed through the small villages of Mount Garnet, Innot Hot Springs, Ravenshoe, & Milla Millaa on our scenic 391km 9 hour day.

The trip begins

Small waterfalls along the roadside

Tucker's Lookout towards Cardwell & Hinchinbrook Island

Yep, rain again

South Johnstone River Lookout

Blencoe Falls

A brief lull in the misty rain - enough for a photo

This guy was in the middle of the road

Millstream Falls - the weather was trying to brighten up!


It was a long day out sightseeing. Varena had planned it well, but the rain curtailed things a little. If we bailed out from doing anything due to rain we'd never do a thing, so patchy showers were no big drama for us.

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