Friday, May 19, 2017

Tuesday 16th May 2017


It was a full day out today. At Geoff's suggestion we headed for Townsville, as he wanted to visit the vampires! We had a couple of detours enroute into the Paluma National Park. The Little Crystal Creek stop at the old stone bridge was the pick of the spots today. Lovely.

After a tasty lunch on The Strand in Townsville, Geoff went vampire hunting. I strolled along The Strand, & into Queen's Gardens, the first botanical gardens in Townsville.

We met up later in the afternoon & headed up to Castle Hill before returning to Djarawong.

This side of Cardwell a UFO went over the car, & just before the house there was a python curled up in the middle of the road. A full excitement day!

Big Crystal Creek - Paluma National Park

1930's Bridge over Little Crystal Creek

The Little Crystal Creek Cascades

The view up the coast from McCelland's Lookout near the village of Paluma

Archie heading into Townsville

Walking The Strand


Today was a long, tiring, but good day out. I usually leave the trip planning to Varena, but as I had received two phone calls from the blood bank asking for a blood donation I suggested we head in the same direction as she had planned, but extend the trip to Townsville.

The blood bank (which was nice, efficient, friendly, chatty, no problems at all) is on the hospital grounds, where the merciless bureaucrats and bean-counters have the friggin' gall to charge motorists to park there while they visit their dying old Nan or leukaemia-ridden child. I am seriously against this! The Townsville Hospital is on the outer edge of town and a fair way from anything else, so people are not going to abuse the car parking and not be using one of the hospital facilities.

And the trap? You get 45 minutes free, and then if you go over that the next hour is $5, and a lesser amount per hour after that. So I'd say that that they have worked out that most people visit their surgeon, dying relative, or recovering post-operative friend or relative for about an hour or so, and they all get charged the maximum. Heartless bastards! 

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