Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Tuesday 30th May 2017


My morning was spent at the Frogsafe Hospital helping Deborah to sort out her accounts ready for a REAL accountant to check & sign off on; a long, slow, & laborious process.

Later in the afternoon Bruce had a long walk around the cane fields, jumping in every muddy puddle he could find. We tried to get him in the paddling pool when we got back to get some of the mud off, with limited success.

Views off Taylors Beach towards Orpheus & Palm Islands

Upstream...or up the creek

Close-up on the Mangroves

Hubby checking out the Hinchinbrook Channel & Island

Lucinda sugar storage terminal


Well, after I thought I'd killed the ride-on mower, I used a bit of genius (or what some might call obvious logic) and got it running again. The problem is the blade deck and that a blade retention nut disappeared, leaving a blade on the grass instead of cutting it. It all follows from that. On a 20 year old mower it is difficult to know how far to go in making a repair or even getting expert help. I don't want to spend decent money on behalf of the house owners, only for them to say that they were going to buy a replacement machine. Yet I want to be able to maintain their lawns and keep long-grass-loving critters away from the house. I'll work something out, but I reckon it will entail a lesson or two for me either way.

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