Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Wednesday 24th May 2017


Geoff & I headed off early this morning, but in different directions. Geoff to an appointment in Cairns, & me to the Meals On Wheels kitchen in Mission Beach, for my first shift!

It was an easy morning helping out, with only 10 meals ordered & 3 of us doing a course each; we worked quickly & easily together. We were finished by 11.30am, & I headed back to the house via Woolworths.

Geoff returned around 1.15pm & we had a quiet afternoon.
A totally wet Bruce - he went swimming under a fast flowing bridge

White nodding Lily

Fern Leaf

Colourful Cassowary sign

Whenever I set my alarm for the morning I have a bad night's sleep clockwatching. Today was no different. With the alarm set for 6:30am I was up just after 6, frustrated at waking every few minutes to check the time.

I was off to Cairns to see a surgeon. Apparently I have a hernia, and it can be fixed sometime off in the never-never under the public health system, or I can stump up some funds (on top of our private health insurance premiums) to get it sorted soon-ish. So the Cairns trip was about getting it done soon. In fact, it will be done in less than a fortnight.

I have never had a night in hospital as a patient, so despite many, many visits to other patients, I don't really know what it will be like. The surgeon said that an overnight stay is part of the process, so I assume it is necessary. I guess time will tell.

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