Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Wednesday 31st May 2017


It was a quiet day at Casa “Bruce”.

I had a pedicure appointment in Tully, & picked up some groceries, but was back at the house around noon. Geoff had been busy mowing with the push-mower around the edges & borders where the big ride-on doesn't get to, whilst I was out gallivanting.

We had a TV show catch up session in the afternoon, then a walk in the cane fields before the rain started.

Lookout out towards Trebonne & Ingham

The web of a strangler fig tree

Inspecting Stony Creek...very serious stuff!

Yes, smiling!

The mowing is a bit of a lengthy task at this house. It takes around an hour just to do the bits around the edges that the ride-on can't get to. I'm happy to do mowing, in general, but am glad when it is done. Another bit fell off the ride-on today. That is two bits now.

Varena returned to the house with red twinkle toes! I hope she is not a secret Queensland Maroons fan!

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