Saturday, June 3, 2017

Friday 2nd June 2017


I had a short visit with Deborah at the Frogsafe hospital today, to go over the set up for Sunday at the Cassowary Festival in Mission Beach. I then did a few sights that have been on my to-do list, before heading to Tully for chores.

The weather continues to be cool, grey & “wintery”...yes even in the tropics it cools down. Thankfully here 22C is cool, not -4C like Canberra is getting. Geoff has put on his fleece! OMG! It MUST be cooling down.

Cane fields on Old Tully Road in flower

Spangled Drongo on the fence


My main achievement for the day was installing our new dash cam in the ute. The old one was a Kaiser Baas device that suffered from the same problems as many others of its model and brand, according to online reviews. Anyway, we got a refund. I then did some more research and bought a different brand dash cam. Hopefully this one will last several years. If you look at some of the dash cam footage available online you'd get a dash cam too. People on the roads are just crazy!

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