Friday, June 23, 2017

Friday 23rd June 2017


It was bucketing down rain when I headed to Mission Beach this morning.

On my return around 11.30am I was presented with a lovely bunch of flowers, a cuppa, & a laser pointer!

The flowers were a thank you from Geoff for my “nursing” over the last almost 3 weeks; the cuppa was because he knew I'd want one, & the laser pointer had been ordered ages ago when I whinged that he bought himself one but not me!!! Now we can spot & point out satellites with red & green laser lights!

Beautiful Lillies

Fringed water Lily

Pink Lotus flower

Pacific Heron

Crimson Finches

Spangled Drongo

Forest Kingfisher

African Tulip Tree

Varena is always a wonder when I need her to be, but she does not get flowers very often. I'm glad she appreciated them. I should do it more often.

My latest rant is about the quality of the commentators for the AFL broadcasts. They seem to have a better grasp of English as a language than the NRL commentators, but by crikey they are in need of a vicious slap around the chops!

Since when is it OK to use terms such as:
  • "Dug out" when they mean the interchange bench,
  • "Acting as a quarter back" when they mean trying to organise the next piece of play,
  • "Back to back" when they mean consecutive,
  • "Pinch hitter" when they mean someone brought in to perform a certain role,
  • "Goal keeper" when they mean someone who stays put near the goal like any defender would,
  • "Get go" when they mean outset, commencement, or start ("Get go" is not even a grammatically correct phrase!),
  • "Verse" when they mean versus,
  • "Shot on goal" when they mean a shot at goal.
The game and tactics have changed little. The phrasing these commentary idiots use has changed. A lot!

These blokes sound like a bunch of under-educated morons when they say these things!

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