Friday, June 30, 2017

Friday 30th June 2017


I had been asked at short notice to help out at Meals on Wheels today, so I headed to Mission Beach for an 8am start. The cook of the day was Rita. She used to cook on stations & had things all under control. It was a stress free morning.

I returned with groceries just before 1pm & whipped up a Chicken Caesar Salad for lunch.

The afternoon was quiet; I managed to get a couple more weeks of the Blog Book done.

City Lane - Townsville

Around the city

Bridge across Ross Creek

Ross Creek - Townsville

While Varena was out I took the dog for a spin to Tully in the house ute. Apart from checking the PO box, I grabbed a couple of glass mugs to make Irish Coffees in. 

He also got a walk in the cane fields, but Bruce seems to enjoy it when he goes in to town, as he can bark at lots of new vehicles that he has not barked at before!

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