Friday, June 9, 2017

Friday 9th June 2017


I was up at 6.30am this morning! I needed to walk the dog, feed him & myself, get some washing on & shower before leaving the house at 7.30am!
Mission accomplished!

Meals on Wheels was easy as usual; only 12 people to do food for & 3 of us to do it!

Geoff was all rugged up when I returned, though he was out of bed. He is slowly improving day by day. Though he is still off alcohol, which is definitely NOT normal for him.

Orchids from the Conservatory at the Cairns Botanic Gardens


Varena doing everything is still a bit frustrating for me. I would normally walk the dog, and put washing on etc while she went off to Meals on Wheels. But I need a while longer, according to the doctors, so I'll try and do what I can when I can. Whenever that is. I don't want to rush things and create an unnecessary problem.

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