Monday, June 12, 2017

Monday 12th June 2017


Geoff had his first outing since his operation today. We dropped the Colorado ute in for it's 100,000km service.Then we headed off in the “house ute” with Bruce for a walk.

The weather has turned out lovely again, though I thought rain was expected again. It was good to see Geoff having a walk, as he slowly does more & more.
He must be on the mend.

Up close with the neighbours

This young brown cow was very friendly. It came up for a pat!

Dusk & Daisies


The ute has done over 100,000km now. Hopefully we'll get another 100,000+ with few/minor dramas.

I kept my walk short today. I was not tired or in pain. I was only trying to ensure that I didn't create a problem that shows up later. I only have regular over the counter pain killers to rely on, so I don't want any pains that need something stronger.

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