Thursday, June 22, 2017

Monday 19th June 2017


With Geoff given the OK from the doctor (his 2 week check-up), we had a short look around Innisfail, down to the wharf area, then headed for the tiny township of Mourilyan. The Sugar Museum is here, & quite an interesting place to wander around. Plus you get free jelly beans!

In the early evening we went tearing off into the cane fields to try & find the “fire on the horizon” that Geoff spotted. We had no luck; it seemed to be deep in on private land. The best shots I got were back at the house!

Innisfail Chinese Temple - once known as a Joss House

Memorial to the Cane Cutters of FNQ

Innisfail City view

Art Deco bridge that crosses the South Johnson River

"Townsville" Old steam train used for the cane fields

Old petrol pumps

Probably just burning the "trash" off the cut cane field.
Burning the cane is only down in the Burdekin /Ayr area these days (It's a different type of sugar cane down there)


The museum was interesting, especially as I told the much older lady at the counter that I was on a pension. I am on a pension, but I don't think it is of the sort she was asking about. Anyway, we got a discount on our entry, and bonus jelly beans, so all good.

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