Thursday, June 29, 2017

Monday 26th June 2017


A crappy, wet, cool day today.

We all got wet taking Bruce to Wongaling beach for a walk. He is hopeless at walking on the lead, practically pulling my arm off (Geoff can't take him as he is still in recovery mode).

I had a few chores to do in Tully after lunch, then it was down to the South Africa trip research again.
Lovely flowers bought by hubby;
at least they brighten up the house!

Water shot practising with new ND Filters

Interesting natural art in the leaves


The outing to the beach was something I was looking forward to. I have not been out very much and I hoped a picturesque change of scenery would perk me up.

I was wrong. We bought fuel for the house ute on the way to Wongaling, and I mixed up which side the filler was on. Then the rain came and went as we headed for the coast. Then our first port of call had signage saying no dogs, so we had to go to a different beach. Then, while out walking, the rain really started coming down, and we started heading back to the car. Then, during the walk back Bruce was at his untrained peak and wanted to go chasing cars as the passed, nearly ripping Varena's arm from her sockets, while she was already getting drenched. Varena was not happy with the dog!

We spent the rest of the day inside.

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