Saturday, June 17, 2017

Saturday 17th June 2017


It was a quiet day at the house.
The washing was done, the dog got his walks, & I did some more of the Blog Book.

Nothing much noteworthy to say at all really. Oh yes, Geoff made his yummy Swiss Eggs for breakfast (it's like a cheese soufflé & totally delicious).

Last week's vista on the Tully Heads Beach, looking across to Hinchinbrook Island

I spotted this wacky looking house in Silkwood
on my way back from Paronella Park!

Is that a Dalek on the top??!!


The cool mornings are good for a hot breakfast, so I whipped up a recipe Mum gave me several years ago. I think I may have had too much success with it though, as Varena says that is my recipe/speciality and therefore she can't make it for me. Ever.

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