Saturday, June 3, 2017

Saturday 3rd June 2017


It was a rainy old day as we drove to Tropicats (kennels) to drop Bruce off for a 4 day stay.

I made Eggs Benedict for brunch & we did the weekly washing; great day to do it, when it's raining!

Then it was on to the Blog Book again.

We headed off in the miserable weather to Garner's Beach. We were helping Deborah (Frogsafe Hospital) set up down at Mission Beach for tomorrow's Cassowary Festival. Fingers crossed the rain disappears over night!

A few colourful bromeliads to brighten 
up this dull day & post!


Bruce was received in a familiar and friendly way by the woman at the kennels.It seems that they know each other from his previous stays. He didn't seem too put out at all.

We set up the frog hospital stall for tomorrow in the rain, moving site once due to red biting ants. I hope for an ant-free morning tomorrow.

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