Monday, June 12, 2017

Sunday 11th June 2017


Before the rain hit, but travelling through heavy gloomy skies, I headed for the Eubenangee Swamp National Park. I had wanted to do this 3km walk for a while.

I spotted a small crocodile in the Alice River, but it disappeared before I got a shot off. There was also a turtle basking; it was more accommodating, posing nicely for me.

The view from the hill above the swamp was great; the Bellenden Ker Ranges were topped in clouds but still visible. Bartle Frere is in these ranges; it is Queensland's highest mountain.

Into the swamp I go...

Looking out for sugar cane trains...

The swamp below & the Bellenden Ker Ranges beyond

This basking turtle was well away from where I saw the crocodile

The view along Bramston Beach from the boat ramp
Jocelyn Creek at the Bramston boat ramp

A few easy chores around the house and a few shows kept me out of mischief today.

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