Thursday, June 1, 2017

Thursday 1st June 2017


I had planned a short drive, but the gloomy weather turned me off the idea.

Instead I got stuck into uploading April's photos onto Facebook, & getting more of the Blog Book sorted. I'm about ½ way through December 2016 now.

On the way back from taking Bruce for his walk we saw a tractor with a trailer & mini conveyor belt filling up the sugar cane bins. The 1st June is the official start day of the harvesting. The cane train was hooked on to take the loaded bins to the mill.

Views to Tully, just up the road from the house we are staying in


The Blues had a good win last night over Queensland. Now they just need to win about 29 of the next 30 matches to make the record even.

With the ride-on mower working sufficiently well to get the job done I gave the lawns a going over. That should see us without the need to mow for a couple of weeks.

As the cane harvesting has commenced I expected a rush of activity, but it didn't happen. If we hadn't seen the train being loaded we would not have known the harvest was on. The noise and activity will undoubtedly come to our area, just not on day one.

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