Friday, June 16, 2017

Thursday 15th June 2017


Bruce was barking madly this morning, so I went out to rouse on him, only to see a wild pig trotting off down the driveway! No wonder Bruce was excited!

I left Geoff in charge of Bruce (& any other pigs that may pass by), & headed to Paronella Park, which is about 40km north of here. A “crazy” Spaniard built this “castle” in the early 1930's alongside Mena Creek Falls. It has been through several cyclones, a severe flood, & a fire, & all that remains now are the shells of the original buildings, & extensive gardens. I thought it looked like the old video game we used to have called Crash Bandicoot!

It was an enjoyable morning's wander around the place; luckily there weren't too many people there. You are given a 2 year re-entry pass, so no doubt I'll be back over the next couple of months.
The original entry way to the park

Ruins of the original main "castle", which once housed an ice creamery, & theatre/ballroom

"Lower Refreshments House"

This once housed the toilets

Crossing the creek to Theresa Falls
& more of the gardens

Theresa Falls in the "Secret Garden"

Mena Creek Falls & the suspension bridge

The view of Paronella Park from the suspension bridge over Mena Creek Falls

Well, the pig was a surprise. Bruce has times when he seems to bark for no reason, but this time it was sustained, and at an unusual pitch. As we had got out of bed to see what was going on neither of us had our phones or a camera, but it was definitely a pig! And it didn't give a hoot that we were only 30 metres away, or that Bruce was yapping madly.

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