Thursday, June 22, 2017

Tuesday 20th June 2017


I had a couple of hours at the Frogsafe Hospital in the morning, then Geoff & I headed back to the Clump Point Jetty for a couple of hours fishing.

I had my camera with me, so left Geoff to get dinner, & wandered off down onto the beach. I wanted to practise with my recently arrived ND filters for the camera. They are supposed to help when taking water shots, making the water appear silky/velvety, & on bright, sunny day stop some of the sun's glare.

No fish for dinner....say no more!

Tully's Sugar Cane Mill in full production
Geoff's favourite road sign in the area

A wild Passionfruit flowering on the fence here

A full Sugar Train

Black-shouldered Kite
Where 'O' where are all the fish???

Despite Varena's unveiled amusement/derision at my lack of fish caught, I had two old-timers on the jetty say, unsolicited, how crap the fishing was here today. It made me feel a little better. The beers I took with me made me feel better still. So all in all it was not a bad afternoon.

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