Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Tuesday 6th June 2017


I headed to Cairns Private Hospital to pick Geoff up around 7.30am. We waited for the surgeon's “tick of approval” & the nurses to change his dressing, then we were off.

Geoff has a lolly-bag full of drugs to help him through the next week or so. There are strict instructions of no driving for a minimum of 4 days, gentle exercise for 4 weeks, & no heavy lifting of 10kg or more for 6 weeks.

I'm thinking he will milk this for as long as he can! (Only joking, finally it is me that gets to play nurse-maid to my poor hubby, instead of the usual of him looking after me!).

Wanderings around Cairns

I made some new friends

The view from the RSL, where we had dinner 
on Sunday night

Multi-coloured church & tropical-style Bishops House

Lights in the park

The pills made the return trip to Tully bearable, but I needed a good kip in the afternoon. It is so tiring doing nothing!

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