Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Wednesday 14th June 2017


The gloomy weather put paid to my sightseeing. Instead Geoff & I went to the supermarket...what fun! NOT!

I got another few weeks of the Blog Book uploaded.
The gloomy, cool weather turned into rain & thunder in the late afternoon...lets hope it blows over through the night!

Tropical butterflies

Twine ant art at Cairns Botanic Gardens


Tully is so different to Darwin. It has taken a couple of months for us to get our first thunderstorm. The storms in Darwin are wild. This one was mild. We could see that Bruce the dog was really scared by the thunder, so we brought him inside, where he cowered in corners.

So now we know that Bruce has a good personality, won't let us know if there are snakes around, and is scared of storms. I wonder what he'd do if he actually caught one the cars he loves to chase and bark at...

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