Thursday, June 29, 2017

Wednesday 28th June 2017


To escape the miserable weather in Tully I suggested we go down to Townsville again.
Geoff agreed to come along; it will be his first big drive since his operation.

My main reason for going was that the National Trust Heritage Centre is only open on a Wednesday or the weekends. As we are members I thought we should take advantage of the membership.
The weather was lovely in Townsville. We wandered around the old houses then headed up to the historic Jezzine Barracks at Kissing Point, before having lunch in City Lane & I went off looking for the street art.

It was an enjoyable day out, & the clouds only moved in as we left Townsville! Of course it was still crappy in Tully when we got back!

Currajong House - circa 1888, in the National Trust Heritage Centre

Geoff chillin' on the great veranda

Farmer's House circa 1927 with the workers dwelling to the left
circa 1884

The front of the Farm House

Nearby church (to the Heritage Centre)

Memorial at Jezzine Barracks -
Kissing Point

Memorial to Americans & the females that fought in WW2 in Australia, 
with Castle Hill in the background

Jezzine House

Boardwalk around the shore line

After a few days without getting out much I thought it would be a good idea to head out with Varena and explore. It was an enjoyable day, and reinforcement that the weather and environment are so different in Townsville.

One particular story at Jezzine Barracks struck me. It was about a bloke who won a VC in WW2 for his actions, but refused a second VC for his outstanding actions later on, saying that he'd only accept another one if all the blokes involved received one! Remarkable!

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