Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Wednesday 7th June 2017


With Geoff on strict instructions to rest & recuperate, I headed off before 8am to pick Bruce up. We then had a walk around the sugar cane fields, so he could stretch his legs.

Geoff did as he was told & had a quiet day.

As it was a lovely day I sat outside reading for a while, then went into Tully to check the PO Box & get a few food bits.

Fungi again

Nature in full colour

Subdued colouring of the Golden Orchids on the driveway
(Me playing with the colours)

Sugar Cane Flowers


Taking it easy is harder than it looks. Apart from the discomfort of the operation, things that I would normally do around the place have to be left to Varena. It is not that she can't do any of it, but that I feel a bit guilty that I am not doing it. She is also being a wonderful nurse for me, so the guilt compounds.

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