Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Friday 14th July 2017


Geoff & I had an "exciting" snake filled day today.

We went to the Ma:Mu Skywalk, about 30km west of Innisfail, for a walk in the rainforest canopy. We spotted a huge Amethystine Python (2 ½ metre +) on the highway up to the skywalk, sunning itself, quite uninterested in the passing traffic! Luckily it wasn't squashed by the high speed cars.

Then, when we were walking Bruce around the cut cane fields, Geoff spotted another large snake, probably a King Brown or Mulga Snake, or possibly a Coastal Taipan. This one was over 2m long, & far more deadly than the python. Luckily Bruce either didn't see it, or just wasn't interested. This time though I didn't have my good camera; bugger!


Lovely markings on this Amethystine Python
Lots more fungi on the Ma:Mu Skywalk

Geoff on the Skywalk

Looking down to the Johnstone River

Fruiting climber

Lawyer Palm...LOL! No guesses why it is called this!

Up to the lookout tower

The view from the top

More interesting but unknown fruits

Bush Pool at Henrietta Creek

New fungi to me

Henrietta Creek
Mulga/ King Brown or Coastal Taipan Snake


For our Ma:Mu Skywalk we carried umbrellas and raincoats, as it looked like the heavens were about to open. But as is usually the way when you are fully prepared for something, it didn't happen. Not a drop. Snakes, on the other hand, were in plentiful supply.

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