Friday, July 7, 2017

Friday 7th July 2017


It was an early start this morning, sadly. I would have loved to have hung around for a few more hours. But Bruce needed collecting before 10am, so we grabbed breakfast on the go & got to the kennels around 9.45am.

Apart from washing clothes it was a quiet day; the weather was BEAUTIFUL.
We had drinks out the back & watched the sun sink behind the hills, & wispy clouds catch the dying rays above.

Mist over the cane fields

Fallen flowers in the jungle

Dusk is coming

"Farmer Geoff"

Almost a full moon

It was early. We were trying to get going back to Tully. Then I broke the fridge!

I wanted a little ice to keep a few things cool on the drive back, but the ice in the fridge dispenser was frozen into a block. Getting the ice drawer out proved a bit too difficult for me and it fell onto a glass shelf below, smashing the shelf to smithereens. FFS!

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