Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Monday 17th July 2017


Geoff & I took Daniel on another sightseeing trip around the Innisfail area today.

But we sadly lucked out on the Cassowaries at Etty Bay, the crocodiles at Eubenangee Swamp & the backpackers at Josephine Falls.... Luckily Daniel seemed to enjoy himself non-the-less!

He even whipped up dinner for us all in the evening.

Oh yes, & Geoff spotted flowering epiphyte orchids at Josephine Falls...my hero!

This historic hotel is supposed to have a resident ghost

Eubenangee Swamp across to Bartle Frere & Bellendean Ker
shrouded in clouds

Daniel & me at the Golden Hole

Josephine Falls

Flowering Epiphyte Orchids

I finally got a picture of the "Frog on the Banana"


It was another enjoyable day of touring the district. Daniel is getting the full treatment!

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