Monday, July 3, 2017

Monday 3rd July 2017


Ditto from yesterday ...55mm of rain overnight!

I headed to Mission Beach for a shift at Meals On Wheels, and it was raining there too!
At least it had stopped by the time I returned around midday.

I think the African Safari is all organised now,.I'm just waiting to hear from the agent in South Africa, then I can organise the international flights, accommodation & car hire! I just hope the cricket goes ahead after all the time & research that has gone into this!!!

NO recent photos as we haven't been anywhere! So I found some older ones!

Adding some colour to the otherwise dull Blog & days at the moment


I took the dog for a slosh around the property, then spent most of the day watching shows. It was pouring rain for most of the day.

Cricket. It is the main reason for our planned trip to South Africa. But the current Australian cricket pay dispute is a bit of a worry, in that it may muck up our travel plans. It seems that the players are happy with the current pay model, where they all share a set percentage of what money they, the players, generate. The management want to reduce the percentage of monies earned that they pay they players, despite the whole thing being generated by the players.

I am not saying that all the players need to earn millions of dollars a year. What I think should happen is that the players earn a good income from their profession as professional, elite, athletes/sportsmen, and that if the overall game earns more money, then the players should share that money. So to me, generally, having a set percentage of income going into the player payments pool is a good idea. 

The Australian Cricket management's attempt to curtail what percentage of money the players get paid,  just because the money-pot has grown larger over the years, is going to lead to so much trouble; especially when the management has hired a millionaire ex-multinational mining corporation executive with a reputation for anti-collective bargaining/union bargaining to do the pay bargaining! 

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