Saturday, July 8, 2017

Saturday 8th July 2017


I spent around 3 ½ hours at the Frogsafe Hospital helping Deb out today.

In the afternoon, once I returned to the house, Geoff & I finally got around to putting our tent up. It has been more than 2 years, I think, since it was last erected. So it needed an airing.

I had a go at making a Bacon & Onion Steamed Suet Pudding for dinner. I tried a couple of years ago when we were in England, but it was a flop. It tasted OK, but looked awful. I'm hoping it will be more successful this time around!

PS It turned our very well... with photographic proof.

The frogs in the hospital (we were cleaning out their area, so they were moved temporarily)
A couple of the residents

The tent see sthe light of day!

We may be using it in a couple of months so decided
it needed airing & we needed a memory check on how to put it up

My Bacon & Onion Pudding

I managed to get real suet from a local butcher

Quite yummy too

I was very happy to be experimented on with the bacon and onion pudding. It was really tasty, and there is plenty left for another go. A win for me!

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