Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Sunday 16th July 2017


We had a touring day with Daniel today. The weather was perfect, warm & SUNNY!

First stop was Bingil Bay, then Clump Point boat ramp lookout, Mission Beach, Wongaling Beach, South Mission & Lovers Beach. Daniel was “in love”, with the whole area.

We finished in Tully & Alligators Nest; a lovely half day out.

Testing the water at Bingil Bay

Posing at Clump Point - Dunk Island in the back ground

Skydivers approaching Mission Beach

Where are they????

Geoff & I on Wongaling Beach

A full cane train

Chillin' out at Alligators Nest

Dan busy in the garden, Bruce sensibly staying well clear!

A visiting Curlew...
To begin with it was quite shy, then Daniel played the Curlew call on his phone
& it was straight over to us, looking for the other Curlew


The weather last night was rather ordinary, but Dan must have some luck, as the weather was perfect today. We may have to keep him here longer.

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