Thursday, July 13, 2017

Thursday 13th July 2017


I headed into Tully for a hairdressing appointment first thing today. Chatting with the lady doing my hair, it again struck me how very lucky we are to be doing this travelling & house sitting. She was amazed & very envious of me.

It's good to be reminded sometimes how fortunate we are.

A piece of trivia also: Geoff sent me a Blog site which explains all the names of places in far north Queensland. So I looked up the area that we are in - Djarawong. It is an Aboriginal name for a local scrub tree from around here.

The brightly coloured "Frog Hospital" house

As with most gardens up in FNQ (far north Queensland) the colours 
are brilliant


Varena's hair appointment amused me. Not for anything about today, but that she had said that she has a plan, over several haircuts, to get to a particular style that she wants. In all my life I have never thought ahead about having a series of  haircuts. I used to just decide what to say to the barber/hairdresser on the day - back when I actually had hair!

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