Friday, July 7, 2017

Thursday 6th July 2017


We went up to Cairns for the day & night. I'd booked tickets for the Rockwiz Show.

Our friends Carol & Mal, who were coming to the show with us, had kindly offered us their luxury holiday rental house for the night. So we parked our stuff off there & headed into the city to meet up with an old friend from Darwin who also happened to be in town. Sammy & I haven't seen each other for around 6 years!

After lunch we had a couple of hours to relax on the balcony back at the house before getting collected by Carol & Mal. We headed to the Cairns Convention Centre for a very amusing night. Geoff managed to get himself “volunteered' (by Carol), to audition to be on the panel!

SO funny.

Walsh's Pyramid on the way to Cairns

Art in the mall - Cairns

Sammy & me

Geoff & Mal at the Edge Hill house

Rockwiz stage

A rather poor quality shot of Geoff on stage


I was suckered into being the stooge! It was fun in an odd way, but I would not normally volunteer for something like this. 4000 people is way above my usual threshold to embarrass myself in front of.

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