Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Tuesday 18th July 2017


We had booked on the Sugar Cane Mill Tour this morning in Tully so headed there for the 11am start. It was very informative; our guide Sara took us everywhere. We saw the cane removed from the bins that come in from the fields, through all the processes, till it comes out as raw sugar at the other end and into the trucks to be shipped overseas. All Tully's sugar is exported.

After lunch Geoff & Daniel headed to Clump Point Jetty for a spot of fishing.
I had a peaceful afternoon, & Skyped with Mum.

At the start of the tour

Incoming sugar cane

Tour gear

Processing begins

Furnaces keeping the mill going - the fuel is the "leftovers" from the cane

All the mud that is stripped off the cane is recycled back to the plantations
Daniel caught his dinner...though it isn't
very edible; it's a Puffer Fish!
It's NOT the size that counts...

I enjoyed the day, both the mill and the fishing. Daniel keeps saying how good it is here, and he's right. But he has only seen it with great weather. The gloss disappears very quickly when you get a week of awful weather. So I guess we have to make the most of it while it lasts!

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