Friday, July 7, 2017

Tuesday 4th July 2017


FANTASTIC... there is blue sky visible!

I hastily decided on a day out plan for us. We headed up to the Tablelands in hopes of seeing Tully Falls flowing; the river has been diverted to power the local hydro-electric scheme. We found out late in the day that it wasn't flowing. Apparently it only happens when the river is in full flood, not just a few days of heavy rain.

BUT, before getting to the falls lookout, we had a couple of other stops. One very short photo stop at Pepina Falls, & then what turned out to be a 2 hour stop at Little Millstream Falls.

WHY? ... Geoff found me 3 types of terrestrial orchids: 2 Greenhoods & a Mosquito Orchid. The first seen in months. I was one happy little vegemite!

The first waterfalls of the day

Geoff took this panorama with me doing my thing!

A very happy wiffey!

Little Millstream Falls

The top of Tully Gorge with what was the falls to the right -
you can see the pool where it used to flow over

Acianthus borealis -
Northern Mosquito Orchid

Pterostylis stricta - Northern Greenhood

Pterostylis sp. - Greenhood
(Not sure if this is the same as the above yet)

I needed a day out. And Varena had a spur of the moment thought, that as a decent bit of weather was finally upon us, we should go out! So, out we went. The Little Millstream Falls was a scenic area, and my locating some orchids for her just made it a great spot. She gets so excited at these orchid finds; it is a real motivator for me.

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